7th May 2017 | News Archive

Margaret Coats was invited to speak at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Integrated Health in April about the role of Accredited Registers. She spoke to a room of representatives from a number of professional associations and Accredited Registers. The Professional Standards Authority’s (PSA’s) Head of Accreditation, Graham Mockler, was also present and responded to questions about the growing scheme.

CNHC is one of 23 organisations which hold an Accredited Register. There are 30 occupations represented across all registers which cover a wide range of health and care professions including complementary healthcare. The total number of practitioners on Accredited Registers is just over 80,000.

All practitioners registered with CNHC are on our Accredited Register and are entitled to use the CNHC quality mark which confirms this fact, for the registered discipline(s).

You can find out more about what CNHC’s PSA Accreditation means here.