What is the CNHC Local Champions programme?
In 2012 CNHC developed an awareness raising programme called ‘Local Champions’ which involves working with CNHC registered practitioners in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The programme is led by volunteer CNHC registrants who have expressed interest in spreading the word about CNHC and are involved in events, marketing and PR activities within their community.

Each Local Champion is provided with a resource pack of leaflets, posters, template letters and briefing notes with details about the CNHC. We also provide them with access to a closed Facebook group, where they can interact with each other, share ideas and we share the latest CNHC updates and campaigns to the group.

Where possible, we provide the Local Champions with awareness campaign materials to approach local media and to post on social media. Some campaign examples include Stress Awareness Month and Stoptober.

What time commitment is required?
There is no set time commitment required to be a CNHC Local Champion, as we know sole practitioners are very busy running their own businesses. However, we ask that all Local Champions, as a minimum, signpost about CNHC at their own practices and distribute CNHC leaflets when they are marketing their businesses in the local community.

Many Local Champions regularly speak at locations within their community, exhibit at events, approach GP practices, contact local media and hold radio interviews to help spread the word about Standing up for Standards.

Why become a Local Champion?

  • Grow your network and engage with other CNHC registrants
  • Work more directly with CNHC on major health related campaigns
  • Expand your knowledge of CNHC, voluntary regulation and the accredited registers scheme
  • Dedicate time to market your own practice alongside raising awareness of CNHC
  • Show your community you are proud to stand up for standards

Hear from Susan Watson about her experience as a CNHC Local Champion
“I am very proud to not only be a registered practitioner with the CNHC but also to be a Local Champion. This opportunity has really opened my eyes to the importance of control over quality and ethics, along with discovering more about all the work that goes behind the scenes to raise the standards and to protect the clients who use complementary therapies.  I take every opportunity to share the wonderful work the CNHC do and to educate clients and the businesses I visit. The support and materials I receive have enhanced my business and the trust that my clients have with me.”

How do I become a Local Champion?
You must be registered with CNHC to become a Local Champion. To express your interest, please contact us: info@cnhc.org.uk