22nd March 2018 | News Archive

Maria Mercati, Microsystems Acupuncture Profession Specific Board (PSB) Member, pictured here on her mobility scooter, has completed another trip to China studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Since 1992, Maria has studied acupuncture in China 14 times at TCM hospitals in Shanghai, Weihai, Beijing, Xian, Jinan and Hangzhou. Six of these trips have involved taking her acupuncture students to the Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in Shandong which is situated in Jinan.

In March 2017, Maria took three students to the hospital, which not only performs traditional Chinese acupuncture, but also specialises in Microsystems abdominal acupuncture. The students were delighted to have learnt a new skill! The Chinese TCM hospitals visited are linked to a Western hospital and use TCM or Western medicine or offer a combination of both.

In addition to learning new skills, the group also took in the culture and local sights while staying at the Marco Polo hotel. The Zhejiang TCM hospital is in Hangzhou near the beautiful West Lake, which is a world heritage site. During the 13th century, Marco Polo visited Hangzhou and described it as “ the most beautiful and magnificent city in the world”.