26th November 2018 | News Archive

Last month we highlighted Principle C, which deals with justifying public trust and confidence by being honest and trustworthy. This month we are reviewing Principle D, which focuses on providing a good standard of practice and care.

Principle D: You must provide a good standard of practice and care

There are 2 parts to Principle D (D1 and D2). Part D1 covers recognising and working within the limits of your own knowledge, skills and competence. Part D2 covers maintaining and improving your professional knowledge, skills and performance. Each part of Principle D is listed below:

  • D1 – Knowing your own limits
  • D2 – Fitness to practice

The Code of Conduct clearly defines each part including guidance for both principles and a link to useful information about CNHC’s mandatory CPD scheme. Even if you feel very familiar with The Code, we recommend you review it regularly.

You can find The Code on our website here: https://www.cnhc.org.uk/code-conductregistrants.

To request a printed copy of The Code, please email info@cnhc.org.uk or call 020 3668 0406.