11th December 2018 | News Archive

The Axminster Health and Wellbeing Centre is a registered charity with a vision to improve the health and wellbeing of people in and around Axminster. The charity’s mission is to deliver complementary healthcare services for all.

The Centre offers a range of complementary therapies alongside a food bank, free Macmillan resources, a Wishing Well Social Group (for people affected by cancer), a sensory garden and a range of other initiatives to support local people to live a fulfilling life.

The Centre also has a programme called ‘Wellbeing Services for All’ which is part of a project to help deliver low-cost therapies to those that need it.

Centre Manager Samantha Norris said: “We want to provide a resource to help local people cope with the everyday stresses of life and to be able to engage in the local community. It’s important to us that those most in need are able to receive the therapies so we are delighted to have the funding to be able to offer therapies at a discount.”

Where CNHC registers the discipline concerned, the Centre Managers require those complementary therapists to be registered with CNHC. Currently, there are nine CNHC registered therapists providing treatments at the Axminster Health & Wellbeing Centre, and that number will continue to grow as the centre expands their services.

Centre Manager Aynsley Jones believes that CNHC registration “is key for our therapists as it demonstrates that we are dedicated to maintaining industry standards, and it also lets the public know that they can choose our CNHC registered practitioners with confidence.”

For more information about the Axminster Health & Wellbeing Centre, please visit: http://axminsterwellbeing.com/