11th September 2018 | News Archive

We receive a lot of queries about what the difference is between CNHC and a professional association. CNHC works with a range of professional associations across all of our registered therapies, and we work together to ensure standards of practice for practitioners are maintained and improved. CNHC is not a membership organisation but a voluntary regulator. We act in the public interest and are the only organisation set up with government support for this purpose.

In contrast, Professional Associations act in the interests of their members, to whom they provide invaluable services and support – for example:

  • providing insurance services or access to insurance
  • providing training and CPD events
  • providing updates on research and developments within the profession
  • encouraging aspirations to excellence in practice
  • providing guidance and support to members who are subject to CNHC’s complaints procedures

Another differentiating factor is that CNHC is the holder of an Accredited Register approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. The government recommends that the public use an Accredited Register to choose a health or care practitioner who is unregulated by law. Plus, CNHC registration is often specifically required by NHS employers, private health cash plan providers and insurers.

For more information about CNHC and professional associations, visit our website here.