13th October 2017 | News Archive


CNHC registered practitioner Jacqui Beddoes is one of two CNHC registrants who provide complementary therapies to carers in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.

It’s a valuable service which the council has offered for several years, one which Jacqui came to while caring for a family member herself. After she was referred for treatments, she took the initiative and applied to the council’s Carers Development Officer to become one of their providers – especially as she had already been offering a discount to carers and had even been providing some free treatments to a group of carers once a month.

All carers are entitled to be assessed by their local council. It looks at what help may be needed by the carer when they are providing care, as well as exploring how the role’s responsibilities affect the carer’s life, health and overall well-being.

In the Vale of Glamorgan if stress is highlighted as part of this assessment, carers are offered four treatments of either massage or reflexology. These treatments are paid for by the council which requires the practitioners to be CNHC registered.

Jacqui commented. “Not all councils offer complementary therapies as part of these assessment so I’m really pleased that the Vale of Glamorgan provides this service in South Wales. Some carers have never tried therapies before and thoroughly enjoy this time away from their caring role. Quite a few have now continued treatments on a regular basis as they have realised how much it benefits them.”

As a carer herself Jacqui has some insight into the challenges: “I care for my 27-year old daughter who has Myelin Sheath Delay, which has caused delayed development and severe learning disabilities. I understand the impact it can have on life. Stress and anxiety are a major one. Juggling day-to-day life, worrying about health, finances and the future, among other things, can all take its toll.”

Although the referrals are not regular, Jacqui receives around five over a six-month period, sometimes more. Jacqui enjoys this work as part of her overall practice: “I love meeting the different people and hearing their stories. Seeing the change in some people after a treatment is like a weight has been lifted for that time. Also for some, particularly older carers, they like to have someone to talk to as well.”