7th June 2019 | News Archive

Sheila Inglis joined the CNHC Board of Directors back in December 2012, and since then she has proved to be a dedicated and trusted voice for the organisation. Sheila came with a great breadth and depth as an independent researcher and consultant, bringing with her experience in education and regulation in health and social care. She held leadership positions in the National Health Service (NHS), Scottish National Education Funding Council and Research with Children in Scotland before coming to CNHC.

Throughout her years on the CNHC Board, Sheila was very proactive and regularly provided clear, strategic and objective viewpoints - always with the public interest at heart. Sheila became the Vice Chair in January 2014 and stepped up to lead CNHC as the Acting Chair from August – December 2015. During her nearly 7 years of service, she acted as a sounding board and voice of reason for not only the Chair, but also the Chief Executive and other CNHC staff.

Michael Watson, CNHC Chair, reflects on her contribution: ‘It is with great sadness we say goodbye to Sheila. Since I joined the board and more recently became Chair, she has been a wonderful support and sounding board. Always available for advice and always wise in her thinking and judgment. I will sorely miss her and thank her for all her sterling work.’

Sheila was a valuable source of knowledge for Scottish regulation, and she regularly took part in media / speaking engagements on behalf of the organisation. Thanks to much work and persuasion on Sheila’s part, in April 2016 the Scottish Government updated its guidance about the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and included the role of Accredited Registers.

In addition to her work with the Scottish Government, she also regularly attended Scottish Parliamentary meetings and represented CNHC at a number of professional associations’ Annual General Meetings (AGMs) in Scotland. She also represented CNHC as a featured guest speaker on a podcast, was interviewed by a Wellcome Trust researcher, presented on two radio shows and attended industry events such as CAM Expo.

Her voice of reason and her unstinting commitment will truly be missed. Sheila on behalf of everyone at CNHC - we wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life.